Business mediation

Business mediation

After Dr. Susanne Koch had already been practicing as a lawyer for many years and had fought in front of the courts in numerous business disputes, she realized that court proceedings, under certain circumstances, are not the optimal way to resolve business conflicts.

While searching for alternative approaches which would offer equitable solutions for both parties, Susanne Koch had a closer look into the field of mediation and realized that this is an efficient and sustainable method to resolve business conflicts. As a result, she became a qualified mediator in 2011.

Mediation is a process of reaching an amicable solution to disputes in which no party wins or loses and is in most business conflicts a much less expensive and faster alternative to court proceedings.

Furthermore, mediation proceedings are completely confidential and so prevent harm for both parties’ reputations in public. The parties can negotiate their dispute while maintaining a focus on their future relationship.

With a strong belief in mediation, Susanne Koch can act as a mediator in business conflicts with passion and conviction. Alternatively, she can represent you as a lawyer in mediation proceedings.

She is a member of the Centre for Mediation (Centrale für Mediation), the Working Committee of the German Lawyers‘ Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mediation im Deutschen Anwaltverein) and The European Institute for Conflict Management EUCON (Europäisches Institut für Conflict Management e.V.).

In cases in which more than one mediator is required, Susanne Koch can call upon other professional mediators in her network to assist.

Developing sustainable solutions through mediation in business conflicts e.g.

  • Conflicts between business partners, e.g. supply agreements or license agreements
  • Disputes among shareholders
  • Moderation of internal conflicts within companies
  • Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution, using mediation methods, in cases such as

    Succession issues in family businesses
    Contract negotiations
    Mergers and Acquisitions

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